Great Wars Match Information


MATCH NAME: Guns of the Great Wars Match

MATCH DATES: Please check the calendar for match dates and times.

The intention of this Match is to afford Member/Owners of Military Issued “Combat” pistols and revolvers the opportunity to fire these handguns in competition with each other and to learn more from the experience about our own collectibles and gain knowledge of handguns we are less familiar with.

Pistols and Revolvers must have been issued to any military unit between the time period of the beginning of World War 1 and the close of World War II. Clones or reproductions are acceptable as long as they conform to the specifications of the original issued handguns. Adjustable sights are only allowed on those models that were issued this way such as the tangent sights on Artillery Lugers or some Browning Hi-Powers. Police pistols of the same period are only permitted if the same model was issued to the corresponding military of the same nation. Pistols or revolvers that have been modified in any way from their original issued configuration are not permitted with the exception of possible later cosmetic treatment such as nickel plate that does not corrupt the integrity of the original handgun. All handguns used must be in a condition deemed safe to fire as determined by the present Range Safety Officer.

Course of Fire will be 25 yards at a 25 Yard pistol Target from a standing position behind the shooting table and a one handed or two handed hold may be used at the shooters discretion. Shooters will fire thirty rounds at each assigned target from as many as one to three handguns until they have fired their thirty rounds. At least five rounds must be fired from any of the handguns brought to the firing line. Any handgun used in any relay must be placed on the table unloaded with the action and/or cylinder open. Once the RSO has provided you with the “All clear” the first handgun may be loaded and then fired. Each handgun will only be loaded just prior to firing it in your specific rotation. Time is not the factor in this Match as our goal is to enjoy shooting these vintage handguns as accurately and safely as possible. After you have fired your 30 rounds from one, two or three handguns, each handgun will be checked by the RSO and all handguns will be “cased” and returned to the safe handling area. All handguns will be kept unloaded and cased before and after your turn at the firing line and all existing rules of the Monocacy Pistol Club will be enforced by the Range Safety Officer. If you want to shoot in more than one rotation it is at the discretion of the RSO based on the number of participants and time available. Each target will have a possible score of 300 and we will count 10X’s as tie breakers.

It is our goal to encourage Member participation to the fullest possible degree; therefore, contact Gary Digges at with any questions regarding the match or with you’re intent to attend, and contact Ed Schoder at  with questions regarding the pistols and revolvers to be used if you have any doubts about the inclusion of a specific model.